Associated Costs:

1. Upon signing of the contract the Purchaser agrees to pay a 10% deposit.

a)     Following payment of the deposit, plans will be supplied to the Purchaser to enable the Purchaser to obtain council approval for the construction of the building.

b)     If council permission is unobtainable, the deposit is refundable less a fee of $250.00, plus any expenses Sydney Sheds and Garages incurred for custom Engineering.

2. A progress payment, calculated at 15% of the kit price, is required prior to Sydney Sheds and Garages processing the kit order.

3. If the Purchaser cancels the contract for any reason after materials have been ordered, the Purchaser will be liable for all costs incurred by Sydney Sheds and Garages for those materials ordered.

4. The balance of the kit is due to be paid prior to kit delivery to the Sydney Sheds and Garages warehouse and/or prior to kit being delivered direct to site.

5. The Purchaser agrees to accept delivery or pick up of the kit within seven (7) days of notification from Sydney Sheds and Garages.  Any delay in taking delivery of the kit will incur a storage fee of $150.00 per week until delivery of the kit is made. The storage fee will be calculated from the kits arrival date to the Sydney Sheds and Garages warehouse.

6. If full payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the kit being delivered to the Sydney Sheds and Garages warehouse, any money paid to Sydney Sheds and Garages will be forfeited and the kit will remain the property of Sydney Sheds and Garages.

7. If a delivery is in transit and has to be turned back and Sydney Sheds and Garages incur an extra delivery charge, that charge will be passed on to the Purchaser.
Sydney Sheds and Garages remains the owner of all materials supplied until payment of the total kit price in full has been made by the purchaser, not withstanding that possession of the materials may have been given to the purchaser. In the event of non-payment of the total price by the purchaser, Sydney Sheds and Garages is authorised by the purchaser to enter on to site and remove the materials, whether fixed or unfixed.

General Matters:

1. The kit will be delivered in three (3) to four (4) weeks from order, depending on materials ordered and manufacturing lead times.

2. Sydney Sheds and Garages will endeavor to supply the kit in a timely manner but will not be held responsible for delays caused by industrial actions, strikes or any other circumstance beyond its control.

3. In the event of the said kit being returned to Sydney Sheds and Garages, due to last minute changes or non-adherence to the terms of agreement by the Purchaser, the Purchaser will incur a second delivery charge.

4. Any shortage, damages etc must be noted on the Bill of Materials and returned to Sydney Sheds and Garages within forty eight (48) hours otherwise no claim will be recognised.

5. The Purchaser warrants that they are entitled to erect the kit on the site specified overleaf, and they have obtained all necessary statutory approvals.

6. The Purchaser will indemnify Sydney Sheds and Garages against any claims, actions, losses or demands that may be brought by any person claiming to be the rightful owner of the site.

7. The Purchaser will clearly identify the area on which the kit is to be erected prior to commencement of any work.The Purchaser agrees to pay for any public authority that may be required. All building permits, home warranty insurance and fees.  Sydney Sheds and Garages have no responsibility to do so.

8. Home Warranty Insurance is required for all work exceeding $12,000 – Home Warranty Insurance provides protection to the consumer against non-structural defects for two (2) years, and structural defects for six (6) years. A Certificate of Currency for Home Warranty Insurance will be provided to the Purchaser where required.

9. The Purchaser acknowledges that it will be their responsibility to obtain all development consents and that Sydney Sheds and Garages will only prepare applications to any public authority on the Purchaser’s behalf and at the Purchaser’s expense.

10. The Supplier undertakes to provide plans and specifications for the kit as set out in the Annexure hereto. However if additional plans are required to be prepared, due to modifications requested by either the Purchaser or any public authority, there may be an additional plan fee charged. Sydney Sheds and Garages are not responsible for any incorrect information.

11. Council plans are to be submitted to the relevant council by the Purchaser. The Purchaser is responsible for any fees payable to Council at the time of submission of plans.

12. The Purchaser acknowledges that it will be their responsibility to connect the kit to the storm water system and/or provide such work at their own expense to satisfy any public authority and that the supplier has no responsibility to do so.

13. The Purchaser has thirty (30) days from the date of accepting the quote/contract to order the building at the quoted price. Prices will only increase after this time if there has been an increase from suppliers.
In the event of a rise in the price of materials, the Purchaser agrees to pay for extra costs incurred.

14. The Purchaser is required to carefully check the contract before signing to ensure the correct colours, sizes etc have been quoted. Once the contract is signed, the colours and sizes quoted are what will be ordered.

15. Excess materials ordered by Sydney Sheds and Garages remain the property of Sydney Sheds and Garages.

16. Any changes to the said kit by the Purchaser must be made in writing to Sydney Sheds and Garages prior to the ordering of the kit. Verbal changes to the kit will not be accepted.

17. The Supplier will quote roller door sizes only, not actual opening sizes. The opening size is smaller than the actual door size and this needs to be taken into consideration by the Purchaser.

a)     The opening width needs to allow for the roller door track dimensions either side.

b)     The roller door drum diameter and roof framing needs to be taken into consideration when calculating the opening height clearance.

Should the Purchaser have any concerns regarding this issue then the Purchaser should clarify the situation with Sydney Sheds and Garages before entering into this agreement.

17. Demolition, cartage, electrical and plumbing work are not included in this contract unless otherwise stated.

18. Once site access is granted for concrete trucks, the Purchaser bears all responsibility for any damage caused by the vehicles or excavation equipment. If access is not granted the Purchaser agrees to pay for a concrete pump.

19. The purchaser acknowledges that any excavation work required due to unforeseen obstacles including rocks, pipes etc are not included in this agreement and the Purchaser will pay for any additional work completed.

20. The builder is not responsible for the removal of any rubbish after installation.

21. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, there will be a hire fee for generator usage if electricity is not available on the building site.

22. The Purchaser acknowledges that once shed components are delivered to their designated site, all responsibility for theft or damage to such items transfers to the Purchaser.

23. Sydney Sheds and Garages must be notified of OH&S and all other significant paperwork requirements and any associated site safety inductions – All details are to be listed on the contract.

24. Any on site delays due to paperwork or site / safety inductions that have not been allowed for, will incur an additional fee of $80/hr/employee.

25. The Purchaser must undertake a final inspection, and report any defects, within 48 hours of being notified by Sydney Sheds and Garages that the construction of the shed has been completed.

26. The attached Building Layout, Specification Sheet and Footing Diagram form part of this contract.